WOD 10/7/17

A) Tabata: 1. Shoot throughs 2. Straight arm plank to forearm plank *no score, work through full 20 seconds each time. B) In teams of 2, complete for time: 80 Cal Row 80 Jumping Air Squats (alternate every rep) 40 KB Box Step Overs (24/20inch, 24/16kg) 80 Jumping Air Squats 80 Cal Row

WOD 3/28/17

A) Every 90 seconds for 5 rounds: Run 200 meters Max Burpees with time remaining Rest 30 seconds B) 3 Rounds for max reps Strict Press x 1 minute (75/55) Toes to Bar x 1 minute Rope Climb x 1 minute *rest 1 minute after every movement