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Welcome to Jewel City CrossFit, Glendale’s leading strength and conditioning facility. At Jewel City CrossFit, we believe in training for life and not one thing specifically. Our workouts reflect movements that are present in our daily lives and constantly challenge and inspire us to be our best in and out of the box.


So what’s a CrossFit class like exactly?

Jewel City Crossfit is not your average gym. You won’t find any machines here. You will find barbells, pull-up rigs, boxes, tires, sledgehammers, rings, and many more “toys.” Our workouts combine movements such as running, rowing, jumping, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics. Each day you will step into the gym with a class of no more than 20 and complete a new “WOD” or “Workout of the Day. ” Workouts are most often completed in a group setting, which will range anywhere from 10-20 people. This will give the trainers an opportunity to give each member the adequate focus they need to ensure each movement is being performed safely. We will then get you ready by doing a series of stretches and warm-ups, then jump right into the WOD. We then keep track of your score by logging it on our board in order for you to keep track of your progress over time.

Do I have to be “fit” before I start CrossFit?

The answer is NO. Our program is for everyone regardless of age, gender, or athletic background. The key is scalability. At Jewel City CrossFit, our highly knowledgeable staff will help you adjust or “scale” the workout based on your background in order for you to get the full effect. We view fitness as a lifelong journey, and our goal is to get you there in an efficient, but most importantly, safe manner.

But I don’t want to get too “BIG”!

The main reasons an individual gets “big” are by lifting very heavy weights and eating a diet very high in calories. This is not something we are trying to accomplish at Jewel City CrossFit. Although we will have days where we focus on strength via lifting heavy weight, it is not our main goal. Our goal is to produce athletes that embody above average fitness across broad domains. As far as a “diet” is concerned, our focus is on the quality of foods we eat and not the overall amount.

Isn’t CrossFit Dangerous?

Any physical activity can be dangerous. However, at Jewel City CrossFit we take preventive measures to provide our members an atmosphere that is safe, but intense as well. We can ensure this by requiring all new members to complete 4 “Intro to CrossFit” courses. These courses are designed to effectively teach new members how to safely execute the movements found in CrossFit workouts. New members are not allowed to participate in a CrossFit course until they have completed all 4 courses.



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